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Refers to the neck region of your spinal column which includes 7 bones, or vertebrae, labeled C-one by means of C-7. It also can refer to the cervix since it pertains to cervical most cancers.

The opening at the end of the gastrointestinal tract by which stool, or strong squander, leaves the human body. aorta

A little level of healthy tissue bordering a tumor That could be surgically removed with diseased tissue. maxilla

In brachytherapy treatment method of cancer, a method of providing a sealed radioactive substance to the internet site of the tumor inside the human body, such as a catheter, very small needle or applicator. densitometry

The procedure by which noncellular product in the body turns into hardened resulting from deposits of calcium along with other materials.

A method whereby really targeted beams of high-Electrical power x-rays are specific on the tumor site to ruin cancer cells while sparing encompassing normal tissues. See the Exterior Beam Therapy webpage for additional facts.

A technique for exterior beam therapy wherein extra precise radiation doses are shipped to a malignant tumor or simply unique parts in the tumor. Normally made use of at the side of depth-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). For information see the IGRT website page.

A form of seizure or convulsion normally connected to epilepsy wherein the patient stares into Place for a brief stretch of time.

Treatment method of sickness by means of chemical substances or medicine; commonly Employed in reference to neoplastic (most cancers) sickness.

In spinal epidural hematoma, the bleeding to the space involving the spinal column Read Product Info as well as outer lining in the spinal cord may be a results of trauma, bleeding Conditions, underlying vascular abnormalities or may come about spontaneously.

The incompletely shaped hole involving bones of a cranium within a fetus or an infant, also known as a delicate place.

A technique where a sample of tissue from your lining on the uterus, called the endometrium, is taken off and examined for abnormal cells underneath a microscope.

Experienced medical physicists have doctorates or grasp's levels. Experienced medical physicists have accomplished 4 a long time of college, two to 4 years of graduate university and typically one particular to 2 a long time of scientific physics instruction. They are really Licensed via the American Board of Radiology or even the American Board of Clinical Physics.

In human beings, the creating organism from conception right until approximately the end of the 2nd month; developmental phases from this the perfect time to delivery are commonly specified as fetal.

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